Troi | Turning

film instillation @ Mid Wales Arts

15 April – 23 May

We Make Space for the Arts in Mid Wales

Watch the film here:

go with the flow | mae’r rhôd yn troi

The work is meditation on life giving water and the ever turning wheel of life.

This  film is about turning – turning the experience of distancing into the experience of closeness, turning a negative image into a positive, the absence of familiar visual and sound becoming a space in which we are ready to see and listen. It is a visual and musical response to flowing water and its mythical magical wonder.

The ink drawings, haiku poems, film and music combines the sense of poetic subtlety, colour, light and movement to bring human emotion and a reflective river to life, which in turn, encapsulates the sense of the human spirit confronting the Climate Crisis and overcoming obstacles in an engaging way. The works is a response to nature combining a sense of physical and mental wellness, showing the flow of water. My intention with the work is chrystalise the sense of wonder for something that defines Wales and humanity.

These drawing and poems are a response to the change.

Ultimately, the fluidity of circumstance.

What is essential for haiku is simplicity, a belief it shares with Japanese Zen Buddhism. Being simple is an important value represented in Japanese culture and in the beauty of life. Traditional Japanese artwork, for example, leaves large spaces on its drawings. In this way, the art invites youto actively interpret this most simplified and intuitive act of communication. Likewise, haiku refrains from too many words and phrases; thus, it is considered important to leave subtle overtones of the haiku to the reader’s own interpretation. In sum, haiku represents the beauty of simplicity.

The overarching theme of the work is a re-connecting with nature, and the flow and fluidity of flowing water. The work explores the metaphorical statement of life moving in circles.

Troi | Turning explores the flow of the life enhancing water and life in the sea, stream, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Embrace the fluidity.

And simplicity.


Barry Making Waves | Creu Tonnau y Barri

It’s been fun and fabulous to film iconic places and wonderful people for the Barry Making Waves Project.

From the fair to the sausage factory: the memo to the Knap. Skateboarding on the island to early morning swims at Jackson’s Bay.

Brilliant Barrybados!

Hwyl a sbri yn y Barri yn creu ffilmiau ar gyfer prosiect Creu Tonnau.

Photography exhibition: Mothers of Transformation

Proud to be part of the @phramewales photography exhibition Everywoman My collection titled ‘Mothers of Transformation’, exhibiting at Y Senedd, Caerdydd from 25.2 – 25.3.2020

Each photograph is printed on handmade bamboo paper.  This emphasises the subtlety and uniqueness of each mother in her moment.

#photography #layers #mothers #jugglinglife #pause #lookclosely        

Photographic Exhibition 25.2.2020 @ Y Senedd

THE WORK Mothers of transformation: the everyday heroism of women

This series is based on Ceridwen, the Godess of transformation. These portraits are of women as Mothers of the community: crash mats and guides to a more enriched and balanced lives of those who need support and care at a pivotal moment of their lives. This is the everyday role of these women.

My intention is to depict a fun, loving and empowered portrayal of these impressive individuals.

My aim is to capture and celebrate the essence of these women who support other people during a transformative time in their lives: from homelessness to shelter; from harm to safety, towards equilibrium. These women instil a sense of wellness for the women they meet. I want to portray their core with a contrasting aspect of their character, both ‘on’ and ‘off’ duty: both ‘at play’ and ‘in the office’.

Everywoman .     

It’s an honour to photograph these women in their daily environment and tell their inspirational and inspired stories. 

I’ve been interpreting and capturing moments on film from an early age, playing with light and movement to bring characters and their stories alive. Having studied Fine Art, I have a keen eye for detail and enjoy the creative interpretation of images. With a degree in Drama, and NFTS and BBC training, specialising in Film and TV,  I bring action to life through a lens.  I enjoy, explore, examine and experiment in order to enhance and develop my work.

There is a feeling of what you might call the ‘unchanging, ever-changing’ in her work.

Thank you to Leanne Wood for the sponsorship and Phrame Collective for the support and encouragement


instagram: heleddwyn


Adventure | Antur album release

This album has been an adventure | antur to make –  a bit like plunging in to the North Sea without a wetsuit, swimming towards the rainbow! No, it’s not me on the front cover, but I’m in awe of these women, with their orange floats, who swam at North Berwick on a wet winter’s day.  The album is dedicated to love and laughter, and days that unfold – a doorway to delight.

There is also a songbook, including original photographs of magical places in Wales along with the lyrics. I can post a copy to you, when you get in touch.

To listen and download the album, go to:


album artwork & photos:Heledd portait photo: Huw Talfryn



Trip arbennig i Batagonia i greu cynwys ar gyfer Urdd Gobaith Cymru yn cynnwys ffilm a ffotograffiaeth. Tra yno, torreth o luniau ac eitem ar gyfer Boom Plant hefyd. Braf oedd cael croeso gan y brodorion yno a chael cyfle i ymweld â Nant-y-Pysgod a thirwedd anhygoel y Paith, Yr Andes a’r ddinas fyrlymus Buenos Aires

    La Boca

A wonderful trip to Patagonia, creating content for Urdd Gobaith Cymru including filming and photography. Also excited to have made an item for Boom. It was fantastic to receive such a warm welcome from the Welsh community and have a chance to visit Nant-y-Pysgod and see the incredible landscape of the Steppe, The Andes and the buzzing Buenos Aires.

   Tulips   Trelew   Andes


Film making workshops with Criw Celf

A fabulous week delivering film making workshops producing a couple of classic and topical films. Themes ranging from climate emergency and a view of success, along with a promo of the week.  A great bunch of lovely people.

Good to be back at Llanover Hall – a wonderful location for creativity. Glad that the place I was introduced to photography is still there inspiring so many people . I loves the Diff! Thank you Criw Celf.

Looking forward to the exhibition in Arcade on the 17th of August.