Adventure music video

An uplifting song and music video filmed on a sunny day in Barry Island!

This music video captures the essence of an uplifting  song I wrote and performed about a day of adventure. Thanks to Trystan Hardy,  Dylan Fowler of Taith and Tim Rivers for all the work, encouragement and playing.

Filmed and edited by Heledd Wyn.

Presenting at Console-ing passions

I’m delighted to share that I will be presenting GLAS | BLUE as a Creative Visual work at  the International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media, and Feminism in Bournemouth on Thursday 12th July. It’s an honour to be a part of such an inspiring programme of what I’m sure will be an invigorating few days.

Llanerchaeron, National Trust film launch

I’m extremely excited to announce that a film I’ve produced and directed for the National Trust house at Llanerchaeron will be launched on May 3rd, and the exhibition, including the film, can be seen from May until October.

It’s been a privilege and a joy to be a part of ‘Petticoats of Power’ which, in 2018, marks one hundred years after some women got the right to vote for the first time. Celebrating these powerful women by throwing light on their achievements and their lives has been a powerful experience. Women’s stories have often stood in the shadows at National Trust properties, as many did not own land in their own right, yet many of these women have important stories to tell that show how power comes in many forms and often does not require legal recognition to be used effectively.

The film encounters five dynamic stories of women who lived at Llanerchaeron.

Watch the film: Petticoats of Power

Yr Wylan screening at North Wales oneminutefilmfestival

Delighted that Yr Wylan is being screened at the North Wales One Minute film festival. 24th February

We had a surreal and wonderful time filming at Jacob’s market .

Diolch Alys Haf Roberts for her brilliant performance …and patience.

The old lift is an asset.

you can watch it here:

now – on your bike 🙂

Screening at USW for Performance and Media students 2.2.2018

Thrilled with the very positive feedback from Performance and Media students at USW. Great to share the skills and story with the future generation. 

“Beautiful and poetic duality of light and darkness, hope and sadness.”

“Each shot was relevant and engaging and made me not want to take my eye off the story.”

“Elegant balance, with some fantastic visual shots.”

Oriel y Parc, St David’s screening 7.1.2018

Such a delight to return to St David’s to share the film near the location where it was filmed only a couple of months ago! A wonderful and responsive audience – amongst them, the location owner, the mother of the baby, friends and supportive locals. I’m very grateful for their presence and comments: 

“Very atmospheric and thought provoking. Perfect landscape! Well done.”

It is a very emotionally moving piece without cliche or use of emotive trickery. Beautifully understated which allowed the viewer to decide.”

“Well done – a very sad film that gets the idea across loud and clear and beautifully.”

“A very moving piece of understood depth of feeling and trust.”


Screening of Blue | Glas at the Performance and Gender seminar series, USW 13.12.2017

As part of my research Blue was shown at the Performance and Gender seminar group. A very fruitful discussion followed the screening. With positive remarks and constructive comments, I’m able to build on my portfolio and develop the research. I’m grateful to my colleagues at USW, Cardiff for their support and encouragement.

Some comments from the group:

A very captivating and moving film. I loved the message of hope. Very thought provoking and beautifully shot.”

“The poignancy of the woman in inner turmoil set against the beauty of the landscape is especially strong.

An engaging experience of a woman in crisis – her journey is challenging but there is hope in her turmoil.