Blue | Glas

A concept film for a ghost story

The bilingual Welsh and English short film will give you tingles, will scare you, as well as raise awareness of postnatal depression.

An engaging experience of a woman in crisis – her journey is challenging, but there is hope in her turmoil. Set on a clifftop in magical Pembrokeshire, where spirits rise from the sea, BLUE is psychological ghost story that portrays three women standing in the face of stormy weather. They have to confront their inner battle and grapple with letting go of the ghosts of their past. With a hollow heart and a screaming baby Sarah haas nowhere to go.  Mrs Corliss sees her and takes her under her wing and gives her a place to stay. Sarah takes the key to Mrs Corliss’ family home, not considering that it might be haunted.  The film explores the theme of post natal depression and the maternal strength of the characters

“Magical” “Etherial” “Mesmirising”

This short film is an adaptation by Heledd Wyn of a short story by award winning writer, Catrin Kean.

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