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I’ve been interpreting and capturing moments on film from an early age, playing with light and movement to bring characters and their stories alive. I’ve Having studied Fine Art, I have a keen eye for detail and enjoy the creative interpretation of images. With a degree in Drama, specialising in Film and TV,    I bring action to life through a lens. This is a skill I’ve been sharpening during my career, ensuring that I keep up to date with technological developments, but also maintaining a traditional sense of storytelling to capture the audience’s imagination. I am familiar with analog, developing my own work and have worked extensively with DSLR, mainly Canon and Sony, and Polaroid.

Throughout my career,  I’ve relished working creatively and collaboratively.

I enjoy, explore, examine and experiment in order to enhance and develop my work.

I am a member of Phrame Collective.

Photography exhibition Everywoman at Y Senedd February – March 2020


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